portrait number one-what's it all about #30days30portraits

Portrait number one #30days30portraits

Portrait number one #30days30portraits

So what is this project? In short - I am drawing 30 portraits live on periscope from photos sent to me by periscope/Twitter and Facebook users. At the end of the project I will send the drawings out the the people whose photos they were drawn from free of charge - Yes totally free of charge.

Why you ask? Well I love painting portraits and the theme of working on portraits sourced from social media is a recurring one in my practice. I started in 2010 with my degree show being based on Facebook user profiles. You can see a video about it on you tube if you search under my name ( I will post a link when I figure out how) Anyway I have revisited this theme over the years, the latest being my painting 'The tooth fairy'. Having a stock pile of images to work from is fantastic for me and the free drawings are my way of saying thanks for letting me draw you. At project end after I have photographed the drawings I will send them out and put the photographs into some sort of book format. I will also paint from some of the drawings.

Artists have always recorded through their chosen medium those that they encounter in their daily lives - so it makes sense to me to work from social networks seeing as how they are modern communities which most of us spend considerable time on. Much of my work has had socially engaging elements to it and I guess painting live on periscope is an extension to this.

For the chance to have your photo drawn live on periscope and getting your drawing free * Tweet me @OonaghLatchfordArt the photo that you want drawn using the hashtag #30days30portraits *Watch the broadcasts on periscope @OonaghLatchfordArt if you want *If your portrait is drawn I will contact you towards the end of the project for an address to post your drawing to. *Wait for your drawing in the post

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