#30days30portraits - so what is the project and why am I doing it?

So as an artist I am obsessed with painting portraits. I just love them. My work over the years continues to return to the theme of painting from online sources. It started back in college when for my degree show I painted a series of portraits based on facebook users profile pictures.
Click to see a link to them here

Anyway its a theme that I keep returning to, my painting 'the Tooth fairy' probably being one of the most recent ones. Artists have always painted what they enoucnter in their daily lives so it makes perfect sense to me to paint what I encounter online - after all we all spend so much time on our phones and laptops etc these days! I came up with the 30 day thing as a way of challenging myself and to make the commitment to drawing each day as opposed to painting which is my norm. I am drawing live on periscope - my user name is @OonaghLatchfordArt if you would like to check my broadcasts out. (Or on Katch.me if you want to see one that is more than 24 hours old)
I wont warble on about it for too long here but todays pic is portrait number one.

So how does it work: I am commiting to drawing 30 portraits over a 30 day period. They will be drawn live on Periscope. I am asking social media users if they want to be in with a chance of getting their portrait drawn live online -and getting their portrait free of charge at project end to do the following.
1 - Tweet me @OonaghLatchfordArt a photo that you would like to have painted. Use the hash tag #30days30portraits
2- tune into my scopes on periscope if you want to see me live drawing

I will get more pics that I can paint but am coming up with a fair way to select.

I will photograph all the portraits before sending out free and will put them into book format. I will also make paintings from some of them.