I have been selected to be on the 2014 panel of artists, part of the new County Wexford Arts Department Artist in the Community Scheme. I am delighted to once again be involved with this fantastic scheme.  To see further details on the Arts Departments website please click on the following:




Below is information of a project that I facilitated whilst on the last panel.  Whilst my own painting practice focuses mainly on painting, I am an experienced facilitator in a diverse range of mediums. If you are a community group, I welcome your enquiries re potential projects. 


This project ran under the auspices of  of the Arts Dept of Wexford County Council's Artist in the Community Scheme. It commenced in Nov '12 and was a collaboration between The Arts Dept of Wexford County Council, The Wexford Arts Centre,  artist Oonagh Latchford and ten local teenagers. Latchford was assisted by Lara Domenech Sanchez from Valencia.  The project consisted of five workshops during which participants explored the area of portraiture and worked towards creating their own self portraits to be displayed in an exhibition in D'lush, Wexford Arts Centre.  

The process of making a self portrait was used as a catalyst for self discovery and reflection - and as a result of this process, the group decided that they would display alongside their portraits one of their innermost aspirations. The marriage of a self portrait displayed alongside each of the participants' hope not only gave a fascinating insight into each of the group - but together created a snapshot of teen life in 2012.  Taking inspiration from Candy Chang's 'Before I die' project the group came up with the idea of inviting viewers to their show to collaborate with them by filling in a blank cards with their own hope of dream for all to see.

The exhibition, aptly titled I want to be.....  took place during March and April 2013. 

By the end of this time the cafe was literally bursting with dreams. Some were funny. Some were sad. Some were lighthearted and some were deep. Some were topical and some were obscure - but all were fascinating to read.  The array of aspirations made it very compelling to sift through the cards, as they hung on their purpose built wooden pegs all around the space. As the project grew, the cafe filled up with dreams.


The ten teenagers who were involved in this project are Jamie Barrett, Leanne Brennan, Michelle Colfer, Teresa Colfer, Rosie Conran, Olivia Gangus, Gary Kavanagh, Lucy McLoughlin, Caoimhe Power and Megan Whitty.