Paintings off to the framers

The time has come to bring my new latest work off to the framers. Its an exciting process  and marks the result of many months of work. I have seen each of the paintings develop from blank canvas to completion and have watched them develop little personalities and foibles of their own. I will await anxiously for their return and they will then be ready to be brought out into the world outside the studio land introduced to the world like little debutantes. 

You might think that it is an odd thing for the person who made the paintings to say that I have watched them develop but if you have ever painted you may have had the experience of loosing yourself completely in the painting process. Of course you do make continuos decisions about colour, mark making, composition etc., but these are done almost subconsciously. It is only when you stop that you suddenly realise that you are hungry, or cold, or that you need to use the bathroom, or that your leg is killing you from standing at a funny angle at the easel for ages - or whatever. (Usually all of the above!)  That is why even though I know I have painted the pieces, I also feel in a way as if I simply just watched them progress. 

I can't wait to see them framed and then there will be the excitement of installing the show next week.   Until then....