Goosebumps #30days30portraits

Hair standing on the back of my neck reading this

Hair standing on the back of my neck reading this

It's amazing how many really nice people I am getting to know through this project. Every time know that I open any of my social media there are such lovely messages and posts waiting for me. I don't keep posting them, as it seems a little arrogant for me to do so but I just had to share this! The hairs literally stood in the back of my neck as I read it. It's so incredibly nice to have taken the time to compose and post such a beautiful message. Thanks Jigggs.

Thanks also to Melissa who made an equally incredible video of me drawing her and her mum interspersed with photos of them and a perfect music choice. You can see this in my Facebook page if you would like to.

Great message yesterday from stinkyPat too: Thank you for the honor of choosing me. I WAS able to catch the replay on Periscope this morning!! Such a GREAT process and a joy to share in the experience!! THANK YOU!!

With viewers like these I am getting way more out of the process than they are 😀😀