Portrait number 9 #30days30portraits



I changed my set up in advance of this portrait. For the previous ones I was working on an completely upright easal which is how I normally paint and draw. I thought this new set up might work better for viewing purposes and I am surprised to find that I like drawing this way - at I reckon just under a 45 degree angle.

Anyway I really enjoyed this one and I can see in thus and the last portraits that my drawings are getting better. They are looser and more painterly. I am also cropping my source images to be more like my style of painting.

Great fun and great chats with the viewers tonight. Another coincidence- I happened to put on a music playlist which seemed to have a reference to weddings in every song. One of my regular viewers who was actively watching (by that I mean chatting by inputting text on periscope) and it turns out his daughter was getting married the following morning!

So strange that these keep happening.