So here we are - a new website and a new blog

Im not really a blogging sort of person - which is very odd as I like to talk - I like to communicate and I am verging on being obsessed with social media. Ok I admit it - not all social media - just facebook. Twitter and linkedin I sort of dabble in and out of but don't really use properly at all! I have in the past attempted to set up a blog but have never really followed it through beyond more than a post or two. I think its because I sort of feel like I am taking to myself. Maybe the blog was so boring that I was :(   So let me know what you think........

I plan on blogging from my studio (glorified shed!) in between layers of paint - yes I will literally be waiting for paint to dry - but I hope to make this not as boring as that sounds! I will try to keep my blog entries short (ish) and to the point. (Which any of you who know me knows straight off is never going to happen!!!!!!!!!!!)

I should ask first off - what do you think of my new website? Making it has really being eating into my painting time, which is not a brilliant idea with a show so close, but sure has to be done! My own fault for not being organised enough to  make it months ago!!!