Back in October 2014, I was thrilled to have been invited by Golden Artist Colors Inc to take part in their Golden Artist Educator Program in London. After a weeks intensive and very fun filled training with other professional artists from all over Europe, the USA and Canada - I am now be a certified Golden Artist Educator. 

Please contact me for details of upcoming classes.  

When I first started using Golden mediums I found the sheer quantity available in their range  daunting, but as the few that I was using were so great, I wanted to learn about more of their products- as I knew that they would be of benefit to my painting practice. Hence my initial contact with Golden Artist Colours in New York. I was completely blown away by the training, their products and the numerous (understatement!) applications for them. 

I have a new series of hands on workshops for artists and students demonstrating uses for various products, starting this September.  You can see details of these here:

I stress that I am not an employee of Golden so am under no obligation to push their products over any other - but believe me they are great. If you would like to be added to my mailing lists for workshops please drop me a line via my contact page.

For more information on Golden products check out their website on or to see my profile and details of workshops see 


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